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Our Leadership Team

 Susan Rubin Varghese

Principal's Welcome

“Questions wake people up. They prompt new ideas. They show people new places, new ways of doing things.”

Michael Marquardt

At TIAD, our goals are anchored in a deeply committed instructional leadership team that creates interaction and cohesion focusing on improving and maximizing student achievement. Our utmost goal is to expand those skills and qualities in our students that are beyond the measurable performance standards so that they can be transformed into inspired and tolerant citizens of tomorrow.  We believe consistent drive as the critical factor to enhancing self-motivation, which often springs from a desire to show that doubters are wrong.The most objective yardstick for judging educational success is internationally-recognized benchmarks, that will be a key focus area for the school’s improvement efforts while also supporting the UAE’s National Agenda priorities.  We aim to provide an education system that demonstrates the capacity to learn and adapt.  Our leadership goal is all about constructing great relationships through highly engaged and stimulated teams. We encourage and support our teachers to improve their efficacy through ongoing professional development programs to further escalate the pursuit of enquiry aiming to ignite the curiosity and passion for what the students learn.  We believe in a learning ambience where a wide variety of instructional and educational practices focus on linking what is taught in classrooms to real-world experiences.

Our learners are allowed to upskill their inquisitiveness and exploratory approach by consistently tinkering with the unknown, self-regulating and self-reflecting, primarily through experiential learning.  This will result in critical thinking, independent and group learning, and full student understanding of their own learning style.Our transition processes are smooth and strategic, ensuring the readiness of each learner to be successful in the next phase. We envision to create a flexible and resilient learning culture where we stimulate professional fulfillment among the adults, share and transfer best practices, promote innovation, capitalize on diversity and multicultural perspectives, and employ evidenced-based teaching and learning strategies known to improve student outcomes.As the school’s senior leader, I truly believe that instilling confidence is one of the main keys to success in education alongside inspiring students to be the best they can scholastically and individually. I look forward to bringing my educational journey into the TIAD learning context to help serve you better, while I continue my learning from all that the TIAD community can teach me.

Meet Our Team

Ms. Hazrabee Sheikh
Head of Primary
Ms. Swapna Williams
Head of Secondary
Ms. Sayeda Bilquis Fatima
Manager – Administrative
Ms. Bernadite Rakhee
Head of Kindergarten