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Fees And Payments 2019-20

Grade KHDA Approved Fee Yearly (in AED) Discounted Fee for the AY 2019-20 (in AED) Discounted Monthly Fee for the AY 2019-20 (in AED)
Pre KG 11,102 8,500 850
KG 1 11,102 9,000 900
KG 2 13,322 9,500 950
Grade 1 13,322 10,500  1,050
Grade 2 14,433 10,500 1,050
Grade 3 14,433 11,500 1,150
Grade 4 14,433 11,500 1,150
Grade 5 15,544 12,500 1,250
Grade 6 18,874 12,500 1,250
Grade 7 18,874 13,500 1,350
Grade 8 19,985 13,500 1,350
Grade 9 20,414 15,000  1,500
Grade 10 20,414 15,000 1,500

Addmission fee 500 &  Registration fee 250 is applicable for new admission(2019-20).

Registration Fee Dhs.250/- per child.(Payable upon Registration,non refundable)
Admission Fee Dhs.500/- per child.(Payable upon Admission,non refundable)
Activity Fee Dhs.800/- per annum
Medical Fee Dhs.200/- per annum
Resource Fee  DHs.200/- per annum. (not applicable for Pre KG)
E Learning Fee  DHs.500/- per annum. (not applicable for Pre KG)
Transportation  As per Area

Payment options for existing students

Option1: Payment By Term: Term fees should be paid during the first week of April,September & January
Option2: Payment By Month: Monthly fees should be paid on or before 5th of every month and Books and the Uniform should be purchased from the school separately

Payment Mode

Payment can be made by Card, if using the online payment mode. We take Cash and Cheque as well.

Cheque should be in favour of  The Indian Academy

For Bank Transfer:
Parent needs to send us a copy of the transaction to confirm payment to accounts@indianacademydubai.com

​Account Number ​15179379
​IBAN Number ​AE770500000000015179379
​Bank Account Name ​THE INDIAN ACADEMY
Branch ​Al Twar
​Currency ​AED