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Practise makes perfect…

At the Indian Academy Summer Camp we not only focus on fun but also teach the kids important values of life (ones that will help shape their future, after all that’s the main responsibility of a teacher).

All the teachers at the summer camp follow the motto “nothing is impossible with practice and patience” and believe that every child has the potential to excel in whatever he/she attempts. That is why every activity is meticulously planned so that a set of skills are developed each day.

In the Art and Craft activity, magic paintings were created using nothing but paints and their creative imaginations. Drops of paint were spread over one half of a paper, which when folded emerged into a two-sided work of art. The younger age groups created puppy dogs using paper folding, paper sticking and papers cutting techniques. Paper chicks were also prepared using paper crumbling methods.

At the music class a new song ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ was taught to the kids by Mr. Ranjit. The kids picked up the words of the song very quickly along with the actions.

In the trash to treasures activity, Ms. Stacey taught the children how to make a multi-purpose holder out of used cold drink cans. These cans can be used as flower vases, pencil case holders or paperweights. The older age group created photo frames using cardboard, tissue and glitter.

In the swimming and other sport activities, the teachers explained the importance of practice-makes-perfect to the children and told them that patience is one of the most important virtues to possess.

With all this learning and fun, another day at the summer camp came to an end.


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