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 Sports, Activities, and Trips Galore…

During summer vacations, parents are most concerned about how to leverage their children’s free time best. We at the Indian Academy Dubai came to their rescue with a Summer Camp to engage and challenge their children to make this a vacation a memorable one!

Early morning giggles and laughter, that’s what breaks the dawn at the camp. Every child comes in with a burst of enthusiasm and looks forwards to the day’s activities. From singing dancing to arts and craft, every child gets a chance to showcase their talent and develop their interests.

Some singers, some dancers, some artists, some swimmers, each activity helps cultivate their strengths. Those children who were shy and hesitant to begin their course of action have overcome their fear with a daily dose of encouragement and team support.

“You never know what you are capable of, until you try”

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On the first day of the summer camp, the expectations were high. Excitement was in the air and teachers shuffled around to make sure things were perfect. Everyone arrived and settled down, parents were assured that their kids would be safe and sound.

The teachers had several activities prepared based on the age and interest of the child. Some of the many activities they engaged in were dancing to the latest tunes of different cultures, singing songs and creating masterpieces during the art and craft activities. The students soon forgot the heavy heart with which they had bid their parents farewell.

The mini chefs at the camp prepared a ‘Fruit Delight’ and relished it too! The swimming activity went on with full enthusiasm and it was a good way to cool down on a hot summer day. Badminton took the center of attraction for the older kids as they kept trying to play with a fervor of their favorite badminton champions.

Nobody really noticed and before they knew it, it was time to head back home. The school bus was filled with cheerful sounds of children’s laughter and glee. They chatted and shared their experiences on the drive home with increased excitement for the next day at summer camp.

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