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Surprise, Surprise…

The day was packed with many surprises and kicked off with an exciting announcement. While everyone was gathered at the multi-purpose hall, the camp coordinator announced that four new activities would be introduced at the camp. A decree of roar and cheer followed the announcement of the new activities as Aerobics, Basketball, Movie time, and Trash to Treasure.

Considering it is the peak of summer in the UAE and everyone needs to find a way to beat the heat, the camp teachers and organizers thought it would be a great idea to let everyone take a dip in the pool. They divided the kids into batches of 15 and under the swimming coaches’ supervision, each group made their way into the pool for a splash or two.

On the other side of the school campus lay a room with a large mirror pasted to a wall and had pop music playing. Yes, that’s right, this was the new aerobics activity for the day. Everyone hurriedly put on their dancing shoes and got ready for some fun exercises. It began with a short warm up which automatically got everyone’s adrenalin flowing, followed by an aerobics routine.

By day three the kids were getting a culinary expertise at The Indian Academy kitchen. Today’s special was lemonade to beat the heat! The citrus fruit filled the kitchen with its tangy fragrance. Slices of lemon were added to the lemonade pitcher as a garnish. Very appealing to the eye!

The new basketball coach had a ton of new techniques to share about the sport and the advantages of being a basketball player. He taught them the basics of dribbling and shooting hoops. The badminton sessions increased the interest of the kids; some of them were already getting better. They learnt some new rules for both the games followed by cooling down sessions.

The kids in the smaller age group enjoyed watching a cartoon movie that made them giggle and laugh. In the Art and Craft activity, the kids made ducks, chicks and many other farm animals. The newly introduced Trash to Treasure activity really brought out the creative side of the children. It showed their love for the environment and their commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle. They created works of art of famous buildings in UAE using waste items.

With all these activities, the day came to an end with nothing but smiles on the faces of the kids.


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