The Gift of Life and Summer Camp

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The Gift of Life and Summer Camp

Sometimes we forget how wonderful life really is, we ignore its gift and value in our daily lives. At the summer camp, the teachers continued to inculcate the importance of life-appreciation within themselves and the students everyday. The innocence of children and their joyfulness serves as a daily inspirations to our teachers. Using this lesson, the teachers continue o conduct sessions, events and activities blissfully, capturing memorable moments with the children along the way.

The activities carried out at the camp today were, art and craft, music, Arabic dance and sports activities ranged from badminton, basketball to swimming.

Ms. Fatima had a special activity planned for the kids; she divided them into several groups according to their age. Each group was taught to prepare paper crabs using paper plates, paper cuttings, styrofoam mugs and plastic eyes etc. The most exciting part of this activity was that each group could choose what kind of a crab they wanted to create, they could get as creative as they wanted to. This allowed for a personalized and creative art piece.

At the dance secession, the older girls learnt to dance to a beautiful Arabic song while keeping in mind the UAE and Arabic culture. They sang along to the music too. The younger girls danced to ‘Rise up’ and ‘Happy endings’ this was all work in progress for the big finale on the final day of summer camp.

In the music class Mr Ranjit taught the kids 2 new songs, Scooby dobby doo and the TIA summer camp Theme song. They enjoyed the secession and continued singing after as well. In the sports activities the little athletes showcased their talent.

With all these activities the kids and the teachers went home feeling content and inspired.

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