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The Growing Camp Family…

Today the new teacher, Ms. Ayat joined the camp. She walked into the multi-purpose hall with a gleaming smile. Her presence was energetic and all the students greeted her with a cheerful good morning. She greeted the students with an unexpected, “Sabah Al Khair, Kaifa Haalik?” Yes, you guessed it – she’s our new Arabic teacher. The kids were thrilled to know that they would be learning a new language over the summer. “Yaallah Yaallah!” she called out to the kids and went on to start her class.

Once the Arabic learning group left the multi-purpose hall, music began playing from a large speaker mounted near the stage.

I like to move it, move it
She likes to move it, move it
He likes to move it, move it
You like to move it! (all the children shouted like a choir)

Instantly everyone stood up and broke into the dance routine. Then the dance teacher gathered all the excited kids to show some of their best moves. She began teaching them a routine they needed to perform at the event held on the last day of the summer camp.

The recipe of the day at the Indian Academy kitchen was a banana milkshake. Along with the teacher they whipped up a storm – they stirred and prepared a delicious creamy milkshake. The milkshake was served in paper cups with colorful straws and summer umbrellas. In the Art and Craft room, the kids learnt about under water animals, they created fishes and other sea creatures with foil and cotton.

After the activities for the day had concluded, all the teachers gathered in the hall along with their students and the agenda for the next few days was announced. With nervous smiles on their faces, the kids couldn’t wait to hear about what came next… The camp coordinator announced that there would be an upcoming Red Color day and a trip to the Sharjah’s Arabian wild life center and Desert Park. The day ended with cheer, smiles and a longing for the day trips.

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