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Today’s Special Guest…

Every morning several people in the UAE drive to work, drop their kids to school and on their way listen to the radio. It’s a great way to start the morning with music and fun conversation. There are a number of radio stations in the UAE that air the top hits in different languages.

Things were going to be different at the camp this morning. There was going to be a very special guest visiting the children today. He’s the well-known radio jockey Kris Fade from one of UAE’s famous radio stations, Virgin Radio-Dubai.

He visited the school as a representative of Good Year Tires which is one of the world’s largest tire companies, it operations in most regions of the world. The main aim of his visit was to explain the importance of road safety.

All the kids were made to assemble in the multi-purpose hall. He began the session with a very warm and energetic “good morning”. He then got the kids holding their stomachs with his hysterical jokes and one liners. Once everyone was alert, he asked the kids what is the first thing they do when they sit in a car? The children in a disciplined fashion put up their hands to answer the question. “Put on our seat belts,” a child responded, everyone applauded. Mr. Fade completely agreed and continued to explain the importance of seat belts to the crowd.

To make their experience more exciting and exhilarating he enacted a scenario in a very innovative way. He pulled up 5 chairs to depict the 5 seats in the car and 4 children volunteered to sit with him in his make believe car. He made them put on their seat belts and then began creating voices to imitate a motor vehicle. This really got the kids to understand the lesson he was trying to inculcate.

At the end of the event a lot of fun photographs were taken with all the children and Mr. Fade and the kids went on to continue the day with the summer activities.


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