A world-class, friendly and caring environment for your child’s education

A world-class, friendly and caring environment for your child’s education

Which school does your child go to? What made you choose the school? These are questions most parents are asked many times. And believe us, nobody asks this out of mere curiosity. It is often a leading question that ends at safety. With children spending a major part of the day at school, parents often focus on finding a safe learning environment, even before looking at the curriculum.

“Environmental practices refer to aspects of the space, materials, equipment, routines, and activities that practitioners and families can intentionally alter to support each child’s learning across developmental domains.”

While this is said in the context of early childhood education, this applies to education and schooling as a whole. A school that provides a comfortable and stimulating environment influences the children and their learning capacity.

A world-class, friendly and caring environment for your child’s education

The CBSE schools in Dubai are popular in holistic learning environment aspect. While the curriculum itself is recognised worldwide, the schools are known to uphold a healthy and respectful school environment for teacher and student interaction.

How concerned are you about bullying at this school? Is a daunting question on the WSA Parent Rating survey. Schools today have to create a secure environment and ensure that no child feels left out. With diverse cultures and languages in the mix, this task is easier said than done. It is hence the school’s value system and rules that create a safe system.

The CBSE schools in Dubai adhere to strict norms to create a safe learning environment. The schools do not tolerate negative behaviours such as harassment and bullying. The management ensures that strict disciplinary actions are taken against a student for breaking school rules. The schools work towards behavioural change and try to set an example by being unbiased. Community services and social work are the smallest forms of behavioural correction methods implemented.

A world-class, friendly and caring environment for your child’s education is created when the entire staff, students and parents are on the same page. It is said that both students and staff need to feel protected and supported for a school to be called safe. It would mean that the teaching and learning are not disrupted due to factors like building safety, violence, drugs, bullying and fear. A safe environment would mean that no student feels discriminated against and that they are clear about how to behave. They should also know what the consequences can be in case of misbehaviour of any kind.

Creating a safe and supportive school environment is a collective effort. It calls for a well-coordinated effort that runs schoolwide, districtwide and communitywide.

Schools may not be luxurious. But, as an institution that provides education, it should exude a warmth that makes the students feel cared for. This mainly depends on the school staff, the interactions between them and effective communication.

A safe and caring school environment is created when students feel positively connected to others. The foundation here is built on mutual respect. Hence both the students and staff feel that their presence is valuable. It is important to have a Code of Civility which affirms what is best about each individual and collectively. It says:

  1. Treat one another with courtesy and respect at all times
  2. Take responsibility for your actions
  3. Cooperate with one another.

The Indian Academy is the first school in Dubai to earn the ‘WELL Health Safety Rating’. It is also an ‘INCLUSIVE’ school which has been rated ‘GOOD’ by KHDA in the DSIB inspection for the past four years. The school has all the right checks and balances and periodic interactions between parents and teachers play an important role here. The school provides a world-class, friendly and caring environment for your child’s education.

At The Indian Academy, the whole school teaching and learning is Very Good. The teachers train the students to develop as self-regulated learners engaging in collaboration and effective communication resulting as creative and critical thinkers. The differentiated approach of teaching and learning caters to the learning needs of the varied learners in an inclusive environment. The school ensures that the students are well-equipped to become life-long individual learners and become responsible citizen of the society.