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Our Leadership Team

 Susan Rubin Varghese

Principal's Welcome

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

At The Indian Academy Dubai , our goals are anchored in a deeply committed instructional leadership team that creates interaction and cohesion while focusing on improving and maximizing student achievement. Our ultimate goal is to instill skills which are beyond measurable performance standards in our learners and transform them into inspired and tolerant citizens of tomorrow. We believe consistent drive is the significant  factor to enhance self-motivation, which often roots from a desire to prove doubters wrong. We promote collaboration and cooperation as critical factors to success in order to nurture growth and professionalism. We strive to exhibit a culture where innovation and zest for lifelong learning flourish at every level.

Our school-based curriculum embedded assessments, and open-ended tasks, give our students opportunities to develop higher order thinking skills, acquire organizational and problem-solving abilities, frame and conduct investigations, and analyze, synthesize and apply data. We strive to provide a learning environment that fosters the capacity to learn and adapt while constantly striving to improve educational success via assessment through internationally recognized benchmarks in line with the National Priorities.

In terms of leadership, our goal is to construct great relationships through highly engaged and stimulated teams. Through guided practice in classroom settings from the very beginning, we aim to create a learning ambience where a variety of instructional and educational practices can be linked to real-world problem-solving. Our professional learning community programs encourage and support our teachers to improve their efficacy and further escalate the pursuit of enquiry to ignite students’ curiosity and passion for what they learn. We look forward to seeing our teachers transform into leaders of  educational accountability through the processes of observation, self-reflection, synthesis and replication of effective teaching practices.

Our learners are in an environment where they can heighten their inquisitiveness by consistently tinkering with experiential learning to explore the unknown, the self-regulating and the self-reflecting. This will encourage critical thinking, independent and group learning, and comprehension of individual learning styles.

Our transition processes are smooth and strategic, ensuring the readiness of each learner to be successful in the next phase of their academic journey. We envision a flexible and resilient learning culture where we stimulate professional fulfillment among adults, share and transfer our best practices, promote innovation, capitalize on diversity and multicultural perspectives, and employ evidenced-based teaching and learning strategies to improve student outcomes.

As the school’s senior leader, I truly believe that instilling confidence is one of the main keys to success in education, alongside inspiring students to be the best they can, both intellectually and individually.

Meet Our Team

Ms. Swapna Williams
Head of Secondary
Ms. Hazrabee Sheikh
Head of Primary
Ms. Bernadite Rakhee
Head of Kindergarten
Ms. Sayeda Bilquis Fatima
Manager – Administrative
Ms.Shivangi Thanvi
Inclusion Champian