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Best Schools in Dubai
“Emphasizing Well-being: A Look into The Indian Academy, Dubai’s Approach to Education”

Looking for the best Indian schools in Dubai that emphasise student well-being? Look no further than The Indian Academy, Dubai (TIAD). With a focus on creating a safe and supportive atmosphere that promotes academic excellence and well-being, TIAD is one of the top schools in Dubai.   Well-being is at the heart of TIAD’s teaching […]

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Creating Inclusive Schools: The Approach of Top CBSE Schools in Dubai

In the education sector, inclusive education is a growing concept that emphasizes the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusivity. Education is taken very seriously in Dubai, and the best schools in Dubai use advanced curriculums and innovative teaching strategies to ensure that all students have equal learning opportunities. If you are looking for a CBSE […]

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Dubai schools: State of Art Facilities

The modern education system is far more evolved than before. Not just in terms of curriculum but infrastructure, too. It is no longer just about having a learning space, unlike in the past but rather about the plus factors. In Dubai schools, access to education for all is a given and so are the educational […]

best CBSE schools in Dubai

Best CBSE schools in Dubai Over the past few years, well-being is a term prevalently used in workplaces as well as educational institutes. While partially owing to the effect the pandemic had, the growing stress and increased rates of probable mental health disorders among children too have played an essential role in making well-being important. […]