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Over the past few years, well-being is a term prevalently used in workplaces as well as educational institutes. While partially owing to the effect the pandemic had, the growing stress and increased rates of probable mental health disorders among children too have played an essential role in making well-being important.

What is well-being?

Well-being is simply defined as one’s experience of health and happiness. While it is prevalently used with respect to mental health, well-being comprises both extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Well-being has many facets, and improving students’ well-being in schools requires a holistic approach and this requires the active participation of both teachers and parents.  Well-being at schools includes:

  • Good mental and physical health
  • Feelings of physical and emotional safety
  • A Sense of belonging and purpose.

Schools play an essential role in educating students to make healthy lifestyle choices and understanding the importance of health and well-being. Students are in the development stage of their long-term behaviour and attitudes that can influence their future life. It hence depends on schools to help them build resilience and teach them to manage their physical and mental health throughout their lives.

How do Schools improve Well-being?

How does well-being become a part of the existing education system? In most best CBSE schools in Dubai, physical education is a part of curriculums, but what about mental well-being? How can schools ensure that the students feel at ease in the schools? The Indian Academy Dubai offers a personalised learning experience, considering the needs of each student carefully. Here are some ways in which the school ensures mental and physical well-being.

Rahaal Program

The Indian Academy Dubai is one of the very few Rahhal schools in the UAE. The Rahhal Programme is a revolutionary concept launched by the KHDA in April 2018, under the Dubai 10X, a Dubai Future Foundation initiative. Rahhal stands for “traveller” in Arabic. While the normal CBSE grade 11& 12 syllabus calls for pressure intensive 5-day school week, under the Rahhal programme, the school week is completed in 3.5 days, giving students a day off to pursue their self-interests and spend time with family. It also broadens their scope and allows them to create their own path for higher education and career choices, pursue co-scholastic passions and improve skills while meeting the academic demands too.

Hifz Classes

Paying attention to the overall development of the students is essential for their well-being. The Indian Academy Dubai also has included Hifz classes as part of the customisable curriculum. The classes are interactive and informative. The courses are designed to improve fluency in Arabic and the teachers take care to provide students with the necessary handholding.

Support children in developing cultural values

Imparting an understanding of cultural values gives students a sense of belonging. The Indian Academy Dubai emphasises inculcating cultural values for the emotional, social, physical, and linguistic growth of students. The school takes special care in teaching the students how to respect their elders and teachers through various activities. The various performances presented by students during the teacher’s day celebrations and the special event to felicitate teachers are all part of the schools’ way of teaching the students to be better individuals who care for others.

Best quality education

Good education is a key pillar of Best CBSE Schools in Dubai well-being. Well-being is essential for achievement and vice versa. The Indian Academy Dubai has a vast curriculum that considers both physical and mental well-being. While sports and creative activities take care of physical well-being, good academic staff, a great learning environment and, most importantly, the supportive relationship between students and teachers all lead to the best quality education.

The role of schools today is not limited to academic growth, but to nurture the talents of students and support them in their physical and mental well-being.

The Indian Academy Dubai is a part of LEAMS Education. LEAMS Education focuses on providing quality education at affordable costs. All five schools under the LEAMS Education have received the Well Health-Safety rating awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) for creating a favourable learning environment in Dubai post-COVID-19.

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