Best Indian CBSE Schools in Dubai


About CBSE School

Being an Indian the first priority of every parent for their children is to get their admission done in a good CBSE school. People living in Dubai can get the Indian Curriculum school in Qusais. People who are looking for Best Indian CBSE School in Dubai can go for The Indian Academy, Dubai. The teaching methodology for KG 1 to Grade 10 of The Indian Academy, Dubai provides Indian Curriculum. This school has adopted best of all boards and gives the students a superb and challenging atmosphere to learn and to apply and enhance their innovative skills.

To make children understand the topic better and enhance their knowledge and skills the school supports some facilities like project work, field trips etc. This school gives emphasis on the needs of every single student.

Admissions Information:

For admission enquiry for Best Indian CBSE schools in Dubai, you can contact the registrar through the online registration link. The admission process is online now. You can do the entire process starting from enquiry to fee payment over the online portal. Before proceeding for online admission you must enquire thoroughly the entire procedure and required documents.

All the admissions are approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of UAE. Registration timing is Sunday to Thursday: 8 am to 4:30 pm. And Saturday 8 am to 1 pm.

Those parents who want to take a tour of the school can take a prior appointment and can visit the school from Saturday to Thursday.

Fee Structure:

There is a different fee structure for different grade. You can find the detail fee structure in the online portal. If you are paying online, you can pay through cards. Best Indian CBSE schools in Dubai also accept cash and cheque. The cheque should be in favour of The Indian Academy.

Transportation Facility:

The Indian Academy, Dubai also provide transportation service to its students. The academy is partnered with Gulf Pinnacle Transport who is promised to provide quality service with safety. They make sure that students are comfortable and safe while travelling from home to school and then back home. They also have a female attendant on the bus.

In Best Indian CBSE schools in Dubai For students’ safety, the buses are equipped with some safety features like (1) GPS tracking facility for parents and school administration. The location of the bus and onboard students can be tracked on a real-time basis. (2) Video Surveillance System with a multi-angle view which will be shared with school administration to support disciplinary action. (3) Electronic Attendance & Mobile App is installed which is used to capture the attendance.

Those parents who want to avail school transport facility for their children have to fill Transport Registration Form which they will be getting in Parents Relation Executive (PRE) of GPT. Parents can get PRE on phone or email. Parents can make payment by cash and cheque to GPT in school which remains open from Sunday to Thursday between 8:15 am to 1:30 pm.

Curriculum and Assessment:

1.       Kindergarten Curriculum Assessment

For children between 4 to 6 years, they have got kindergarten. Kindergarten curriculum is designed keeping in mind the needs of children. The Best Indian CBSE schools in Dubai tried to create the kindergarten atmosphere in which children are set free to use their skills and they are also exposed to a positive experience. In kindergarten children are set free to talk and they are encouraged to think and also encouraged for creativity. 

Kindergarten covers the following areas of teaching:

1.       Communication

2.       Personal, emotional and social development

3.       Physical development

4.       Art and design

5.       Literacy

6.       Mathematics.


1.       School Curriculum and Assessment

For primary, Middle and Secondary students school curriculum and assessment have been organised. Best Indian CBSE Schools in Dubai curriculum assessment has been designed on the basis of age and learning goals, depth and range of subjects. So for better education, learning and knowledge the academy covers some important points like:

·         Age-specific learning targets.

·         Classrooms and the outdoor environment are well designed.

·         Regular monitoring and evaluation of children academic results and project works.

·         It has also got a library facility to encourage reading and to gain different knowledge.

·         Effective teaching system for students’ progress.

·         Teachings are done through themes and projects. And at the end of every theme and project, there is a presentation.

So for a better future of your children, The Best IndianCBSE School in Dubai is The Indian Academy, Dubai.