How CBSE Schools in Dubai are changing?

How CBSE Schools in Dubai are changing?

CBSE is an abbreviation for the Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE is the most popular school board in India with over 27000 CBSE-affiliated schools in India and over 240 schools in 28 nations across the globe, according to past reports. While there are many other boards like there are several ICSE, IB, and British Curriculum to name a few, CBSE schools in Dubai have started to become the preferred educational board for school admissions in recent years. While CBSE’s central structure and rigorous quality standards are known to provide holistic development, the structured teaching method makes it more popular.

The best CBSE schools in Dubai, have shown incredible results hence making them more widespread. The main benefits of CBSE schools in Dubai are as follows:

  • Availability of new schools in most areas
  • Wide recognition of board results across many colleges and universities
  • The constant change in teaching approach and curriculum
  • Accessibility to books and activities related to the same.

How have CBSE schools in Dubai changed over the years

One thing common about the Top CBSE schools in Dubai is that it is relocation friendly. Many parents working in Dubai have to face frequent moves. The benefit of CBSE schools is that parents can ensure that the transition in their children’s schooling is smooth. Moreover, with the widespread popularity of the CBSE curriculum, there are a lot of schools in Dubai.

CBSE schools in Dubai and across the globe have a curriculum that focuses on facing competitive exams efficiently. The comprehensive syllabus, mode of instruction, and teaching methodology have greatly evolved over the years. In recent years, the style of evaluation has changed and complete formative analysis has been emphasised. The relevance and benefits of sports, the importance of going beyond academics, and the emotional well-being of students are all being incorporated to provide holistic development.

The CBSE schools in Dubai have adapted the recent flexible evaluation mode and easy exam patterns. What once used to be more focused on theoretical studies now prioritizes students’ practical and applicative knowledge, and encourages them to understand practical concepts. The importance given to delivering a balanced syllabus of humanities, languages and critical reasoning is noteworthy. CBSE schools in Dubai are now building a learning ecosystem that is less prescriptive and offers more academic freedom.

The Indian Academy (TIAD) is a CBSE board school which has been rated ‘GOOD’ by KHDA in the DSIB inspection for 4+ years. It is one of the best CBSE schools in Dubai offering Pre KG – Grade 12 education in UAE. TIAD is also recognised as a RAHHAL school that offers diverse programs such as HIFZ and opportunities for students to excel in competitive sports and is the first school in Dubai to earn the ‘WELL Health Safety Rating’. TIAD is one of the few schools rated ‘DEVELOPED’ in the Distance Learning Evaluation (DLE) by KHDA. The school has proven excellence in learning and envisions to equip each student with a sense of purpose and the skills they need to shape their own lives and to give back to society.