Robotics Lab

Robotics learning in our school is a holistic experiential learning package that helps the students to learn subjects better and mold them into strong positive minds. It also helps in inculcating a ‘Practical way of learning which contributes to the enhancement of students’ thinking processes. The lab sessions drive students’ analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills by introducing them to digital technology and related subjects. At the lab, Education kits shall be used to nurture creativity and scientific temperament in students from junior to senior school ( grades 1 to 8). The programming software, tools, machinery, reference modules, and a well-facilitated space exist here to nurture the creative minds inclined towards Robotics.

Getting the future-ready –                                                               

  • Our entire curriculum blends the latest technologies interfacing them with each other. Interface Design Simulation, Electronics with Coding for gaining knowledge of real-world application
  • Coding & Analytics form the execution base for AUTOMATION & INNOVATION.
  • First-hand experience in real-world project execution gives them close Industry exposure

Increases Scientific creativity –

  • Applied knowledge of Science Math with Coding can take their conceptual knowledge to new heights where they see themselves creating solutions
  • With experiencing real execution, their Logical and Computational thinking skills augment their application capability

Turn Frustration into Innovation-

  • Robotics Automation & Innovation program in schools help students turn their frustration of rote learning into understanding and relating to the subject essence
  • Using all 5 senses building coding and experiencing the output builds perseverance and determination increasing their maturity levels for real-world situations

Hands-on applied Programming-

  • Robotics allows applied programming skills where it is easier to see what goes wrong as they learn what robots can and cannot do.

They learn to explore commands in real time to create precise and accurate instructions and have fun while learning life lessons