Creating Inclusive Schools: The Approach of Top CBSE Schools in Dubai

Creating Inclusive Schools: The Approach of Top CBSE Schools in Dubai

In the education sector, inclusive education is a growing concept that emphasizes the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusivity. Education is taken very seriously in Dubai, and the best schools in Dubai use advanced curriculums and innovative teaching strategies to ensure that all students have equal learning opportunities. If you are looking for a CBSE school in Dubai, The Indian Academy is a top-rated school that openly advocates the importance of inclusivity.

Inclusive education is a teaching model that emphasizes the learning of all students, irrespective of their aptitude, in one environment. At The Indian Academy, Dubai (TIAD), inclusivity is at the core of their teaching approach. All learners are treated fairly, and diversity in learning is celebrated. This requires a collective effort from families and educators, who must be guided and provided with the resources to support students in achieving success and satisfaction in their learning.

The following principles guide TIAD’s approach toward building a community that supports inclusivity:

  • Shared Responsibility: An inclusive school requires the participation of all stakeholders, including general education teachers, special education teachers, and counsellors. At TIAD, the entire staff takes responsibility for all students.
  • Collaboration: Creating an inclusive school requires collaborative efforts. Teachers and other academic and non-academic staff collaborate as a team, sharing knowledge and experiences and spending time together. To create a truly inclusive environment for the students, they develop lesson plans, co-teach sessions, and share resources.
  • Consistency in Behaviour: No disparity is an ambiguous rule at TIAD. Every staff member plays a role in ensuring that students follow the rules and expectations consistently across the school, without room for exclusion or bias.
  • Family Involvement: As an inclusive school, TIAD ensures that the message is communicated clearly to the parents too. This requires breaking through language and cultural barriers and working around their schedules. But in the long run, it sets the cornerstone for building an inclusive society.


If you’re looking for a CBSE school in Dubai, The Indian Academy is a great choice. The Indian Academy, Dubai, is one of the many schools under LEAMS Education, a group that makes education more intuitive and innovative to cater to the needs of all students. TIAD is not only one of the best CBSE schools in Dubai but also one of the top-rated schools in Dubai, listed by the KHDA good-rated schools in Dubai.


In conclusion, inclusivity is essential for building a just and fair society, and inclusive education is the foundation for achieving this. TIAD’s approach towards building an inclusive community sets a precedent for the rest to follow. So, if you’re looking for a school that prioritizes inclusivity while also providing an advanced curriculum, The Indian Academy, Dubai is the best option. If you look at the list of Indian schools in Dubai, you’ll notice that The Indian Academy is near the top of the list of best CBSE schools in Dubai.