Kuleen Mani

Kuleen Mani

It has been an honour and privilege to represent our school and work alongside such dedicated and talented students, faculty, and staff. I learned a lot about leadership, teamwork, and community service during my time as head boy. I’ve also had the opportunity to make lifelong friends and create memories that I’ll cherish for the […]

Meenakshi Satish

I have been a student at The Indian Academy Dubai, and I have always been passionate about sports. When I was given the opportunity to be the sports head girl, I was thrilled. I knew that this would be a great opportunity to help promote sports and physical activity among the students at our school. […]

Ms Maria Rozario

TIAD is a great platform where your child can be groomed in various ways and forms. There is an opportunity for every child in every field. Motivational students are not the only target of TIAD; they also focus on the well-being of their parents. I am proud to be a part of the TIAD family. […]

Ms Farhia Ismail

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have spent a day at my child’s school. I was very impressed with the school and the staff, and I believe that my child is receiving a high-quality education. I was particularly impressed with the teachers. They were all very knowledgeable and passionate about […]

Ms Sharmistha Thakur

I am an English educator at the Indian Academy Dubai.  I have been very happy with my experience. I have also been able to collaborate with other teachers and staff members, and I have learned a lot from them. I am particularly impressed with the school’s commitment to student learning. The school provides a variety […]

Ms Nancy Roji

As a Sustainable Ambassador of Indian Academy, Dubai, it brings me immense joy to share with you the incredible strides we are taking toward embracing sustainability within our school community, as we at TIAD believe that it is a way of life. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at this school, and I believe […]

Shaikh Parent of Fasihuddin

I am very satisfied with the school, the teaching methodology, and the non-academic activities as well. They focus on the overall grooming of the children, not just academics. The classwork assignments are very good, and the way concepts are explained to the children is exemplary. Kudos to the entire team at the Indian Academy Dubai. […]

Shilpa Vijendra Parent of Aashvika 

As proud parents, we are delighted that our daughter Aashvika is studying at the Indian Academy. Her confidence level has increased a lot since she joined the school. Every day, she looks forward to going to school. We are really happy with our decision to choose the Indian Academy. We would like to thank the […]

Nasreen Shaikh Parent of Sarah Shaikh

I valued the conversation and the time spent in such a lively class. It was a privilege to witness the friendship develop, and the class teacher and students’ conversation was incredibly heartwarming. No student could possibly feel overlooked or ignored in any way because the class teacher, Ms. Sharmistha, was actively engaging with each and […]

TIAD - Happy Parents
Sreekala Parent of Deva Nandan Masthendra

The experience of sitting next to my child in his classroom was delightful. In terms of teaching mathematics, Ms. Maya is excellent. Her approach to instruction is very professional, and she gave the students a comprehensive explanation of the innovative thing. I discovered her creative teaching style to be very engaging in class. Sreekala Parent […]