Online registrations are open for academic year 2020-21

Age Criteria

Age Criteria For 2020-21 Admission

GRADE Age(By July  31st of the academic year ) EFFECTIVE DATE
Pre KG 3 years 31-July-2020
KG 1 4 years 31-July-2020
KG 2 5 years 31-July-2020
Grade 1 6 years 31-July-2020
Grade 2 7 years 31-July-2020
Grade 3 8 years 31-July-2020
Grade 4 9 years 31-July-2020
Grade 5 10 years 31-July-2020
Grade 6 11 years 31-July-2020
Grade 7 12 years 31-July-2020
Grade 8 13 years 31-July-2020
Grade 9 14 years 31-July-2020
Grade 10 15 years 31-July-2020
Grade 11 16 years 31-July-2020










Pre-KG : Student needs to be 3yrs of age by July  31st of the academic year.

  • Students ability to act and  respond to simple instructions
  • All Pre-kg students are expected to be toilet trained before the start of the academic year
  • Assessments for Pre-kg are based primarily on observation of the child at play, engaging her/him in conversation to observe communication skills, social development, manners and physical development


Grade 1 : Students applying for Grade 1 must complete 6 years by 31st July 2018 or Transfer Certificate to be  submitted as per the regulations given below.
Grade 2 upwards  : Transfer Certificate to be  submitted as per the regulations given below.

Regulations For TC Attestation

GRADE Attestation Required From
Students coming from Emirates other than Dubai Ministry of Education of that Emirate
Students coming from OMAN Indian Embassy / Foreign Affairs Ministry and UAE Embassy located in that country
Students coming from GULF countries other than OMAN Ministry of Education , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy located in that country
Students coming from INDIA Education Officer of the Zone/District/Area and UAE Embassy ,India OR Indian Consulate in Dubai and Foreign Affairs Ministry, Dubai-UAE


Please note that The Indian Academy, Dubai is closed now following the instructions of the Government Authorities. However, our school community is actively involved in a distance learning platform. We assure our availability during this time to provide support and guidance in all academic and administrative matters related to your child. Our parents, both existing and new, can reach out to us with any queries you may have, daily between 8 am to 4 pm.

For any IT related queries, you may write to and for general queries at Our Admission team are also available through chat on our website.

Kindly leave your email and contact number along with child name and grade on the above communication options and designated email ID’s and we will get back to you at the earliest( in 24 hrs).