Age requirements guidelines

TIAD places students in age-appropriate year levels in accordance with the Ministry of Education/KHDA regulations.

Families are encouraged to use the country comparison chart below to ensure that they are applying to the correct Year level, considering the differences that exist in the naming of “grades” around the world.

Age Criteria

This table explains the age/grade requirements:

LevelGrade/YearMinimum age
(for entry)
Maximum age
(as a cut-off for this grade)
APre-KG/FS 134
BKG 1/FS 245
CKG 2/Year 156
DGrade 1/Year 268
EGrade 2/Year 3Based on the transfer certificate9
FGrade 3/Year 410
GGrade 4/Year 511
HGrade 5/Year 612
IGrade 6/Year 713
JGrade 7/Year 814
KGrade 8/Year 915
LGrade 9/Year 1017
MGrade 10/Year 1118
NGrade 11/Year 1219
OGrade 12/Year 1320

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