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Kindergarten Curriculum And Assessment

Kindergarten Curriculum 2021-22

Pre KG : 3 – 4 years

Kindergarten 1 : 4 – 5 years

Kindergarten 2 : 5 – 6 years

The Kindergarten curriculum is based on age specific learning goals and has been designed keeping in view the educational trends and the needs of the children. A thematic approach is adopted to foster learning across the curriculum, placing an emphasis on developing key skills. It is planned across different areas of learning, facilitating the children to develop at their own space through differentiated and collaborative learning. It is child oriented, focusing on play and the individual personality. We firmly believe that the children need to be happy if they are to learn. Our curriculum provides opportunity for playing & exploring, active learning and thinking creatively. Enriched programmes to stimulate children’s’ interest are carefully planned and supported. The children are exposed to a variety of exciting and positive experiences and hands-on activities which enables them to explore and enliven their interest. They are encouraged to think, find things and talk about them.

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The integration of all the areas of learning provides ample opportunities for children to make connections between their experiences. Keeping the international standards in mind. The curriculum for our little learners is based on early learning goals that need to be attained by the end of Kindergarten. This assessment pattern has been adapted successfully to provide the necessary range and balance. The curriculum framework gives a detailed view of the concepts that are being covered in all the seven areas of teaching:


Communication, Language & Literacy 5 3 hours 20 minutes
Mathematics 4 in KG2 and 5 in KG1 2 hours 40 minutes
Understanding the World 3 2 hours
Arabic 1 in KG2 40 minutes
Swimming 1 40 minutes
Music 1 40 minutes
Kinder Discovery 1 40 minutes
Free Flow that includes Sand/Water play and Gardening 1 40 minutes
Assembly that includes Mass PE 1 40 minutes
Pupil Enrichment Programme 1 40 minutes
Play Pen 1 40 minutes

In addition we also have time allotted for – Self-Registration, assembly, Brain Gym and Circle time

Self-Registration- Students mark their own attendance in class with our Self Registration resources.

Circle time- It is an   important time for students to   interact with one another and develop positive relationships between teacher and students.

Brain gym- We boost our child’s cognitive skills with a few exercises.

Assembly- Every Monday students assemble for Mass PE and witness the special assembly presented by different classes.


In Kindergarten it is an ongoing Assessment which plays an important part to recognize children’s progress, understand their needs, and to plan activities and support. It helps teachers communicate important milestones in students’ development to parents and provides opportunity for teachers and parents to work together to support children as they grow​

Assessments at this stage involves continuous observation of children while they are at task for example reading, writing, working with blocks, puzzles, behaviour in small groups while they are at sand play, water play, free flow  and so on​. The students’ progress is tracked through skill tracker. The teacher records their observation in Journals, Anecdotes, one note and monitors continuously to see if the students have achieved their set targets.​The students’ progress is tracked through skill tracker.


External Assessment in KG


Baseline measures students’ progress during their two years in school and allows teachers to assess Language and communication, Literacy and Mathematics.

Baseline Progress (KG 1)

The assessment is in two parts

  • Letter sound knowledge
  • Early word reading
  • Mathematics
  • A single assessment covering a range of skills and knowledge at an age appropriate level

KG 2 ( PTM & PTE )

Language is assessed through a range of expression and comprehension questions based mainly on vocabulary. Literacy is assessed through an assessment of phonics awareness.

Math is assessed though an assessment of number system and number relations.