Dubai schools: State of Art Facilities

Dubai schools: State of Art Facilities

The modern education system is far more evolved than before. Not just in terms of curriculum but infrastructure, too. It is no longer just about having a learning space, unlike in the past but rather about the plus factors. In Dubai schools, access to education for all is a given and so are the educational standards. While the curriculum has a huge role in setting one school apart from the other, state-of-art facilities and formal classrooms designed for safety and comfort can make one school outshine the other.

What are the Plus Factors to look for?

As parents of children with great aspirations, it becomes tough to pick one from the top CBSE schools in Dubai. So, how can you make things simpler. To begin with, having state-of-art facilities doesn’t make the school costlier or inaccessible. However, it provides a better arena for your child to explore and evaluate their skills, find out their hidden potential, and pave a path for themselves.

The Indian Academy is one of the best schools in Dubai. With over 1200 students, the school campus boasts top-class facilities, and hi-tech science laboratories to practice and learn. and to acquire the additional skills aligned with the fulfilment of National Educational Policy 2020, India. It also Include well-equipped multipurpose hall that is used for various activities, sports, and interschool events, such as the CBSE cluster tournaments.

Let’s look at these state-of-the-art facilities up close.

Library: A library is the knowledge centre of any school and it is no different in the Indian Academy. It is a treasure trove for students and teachers alike with books on various subjects curated from various parts of the world. It’s the perfect amalgamation of knowledge and information that young minds seek. Books of historical value are also a part of the school’s collection and proudly adorn shelves. Besides reference books to help students, we also have books in various languages and an entire section for literary enthusiasts that cover everything from drama to prose and poetry.

Innovative Laboratories and Equipment: The Indian Academy pays special attention to STEM and innovation. The school has invested in setting up well-equipped laboratories for the sciences, mathematics and also for languages and computers. Students have access to some of the best facilities available in Dubai schools. Each subject has a dedicated teaching space and labs for students to conduct experiments safely.

Digital Classrooms: At the Indian Academy, learning is a mix of traditional and modern approaches. The school has spacious, air-conditioned audio-visual classrooms to assist the students in their learning process. We have built an interactive learning model to enhance the visualization of concepts learnt in the classroom.

Music, Dance and Art Room: Music, dance and art play an important role in engaging the mind. The school promotes talent and, hence, provides the best-in-class training to assist students who wish to follow their passion.

Playgrounds, Courts and Swimming Pool: Sports and activities are an essential part of education too. To improve the physical fitness of the students, we have introduced a wide variety of sports-related activities within the school curriculum. The school has a large football ground, an indoor court and also an indoor swimming pool with professional coaches to train students in sports activities of their interest.

The Indian Academy is a one-of-a-kind school in Dubai that focuses on the overall development of the students. The state-of-the-art facilities, along with the highly competitive academic and administrative staff, help make the school one of the top CBSE schools in Dubai.

The Indian Academy, Dubai, is a part of LEAMS Education. LEAMS group of schools is an inspirational space that aims to build an encouraging learning environment. All the schools overseen by LEAMS Education are known for their quality of education, well-equipped state-of-the-art facilities ranging from exclusive libraries, advanced labs, STEM / Robotic educational projects, and happiness and well-being centres.