School Schedule


Expected attendance in the Primary School is five days a week (Sunday to Thursday) from morning registration at 7:40am, to school dispersal at the appropriate time, depending on year group. Exceptions are made for the Foundation Stage/ Kindergarten settling in period. Teachers will discuss this with the parents when the child starts. As per the UAE Ministry of Education regulations, Grade 2 and above students who miss 25 days or more in any school year may be at risk of not being promoted to the next year group unless they have been legitimately excused from school as a result of special circumstances. These special circumstances must be clearly communicated and agreed upon with the Principal prior to the absence. Examples include extra-curricular participation, field trips or extended illness. Excused and unexcused absences are recorded in each student’s individual records and reports. If child is ill, please notify the school in the morning of each day of absence, either by emailing or telephoning the main reception.

Dress Code

At The Indian Academy, the uniform is worn with pride. It is an outward sign of the choice that students have made to join the TIA community and a way to demonstrate daily their commitment to fully embrace the values and spirit of TIA.

Care Of School Property

All buildings, equipment, supplies, materials and books are considered the property of The Indian Academy. Any act of willful damage to school property is considered a major offence. This includes writing or defacing furniture, walls, text and library books, or any other school property or equipment, as well as causing any other damage, destruction, or defacement to the school’s property. Students who cause such damage will be responsible for all costs to cover repair or replacement, in addition to other disciplinary action which may be taken.

Daily Timings

All students should be in school by 7.35 AM. Different year groups finish their school day at different times from 12 PM onward. Please ensure you drop off and pickup your child promptly at the start and end of each school day. Please note that school timings will change during Ramadan as per instructions received from the Ministry of Education.

School Timings (Monday To Friday)

7.35 AM      Arrival

7.40 AM      Registration

7.50 AM      First lesson or Assembly Commences

12.00 PM    KG1 and KG2 dispersal

2.00 PM      Grade 1 and upwards dispersal.

Office Timings

Monday to Friday 7.30 AM to 4.30 PM

Saturday                          8.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Arrival And Pickup Of Children

Children should be brought punctually to the school by 7.35 AM. At the end of the day all children will be dispersed only with an accompanying adult. Parents are requested to promptly pick-up their children after school. Entry into the School is controlled and no unauthorized person shall be permitted to enter the school premises. All visitors shall be carefully scrutinized and should carry letter of authority, only after that the child will be allowed to go with them.


To meet the Principal take a prior appointment through the Secretary.


To meet the Section Head take prior appointment through email, between 2.15 pm to 3.30 pm on all working days.


To meet the teacher take prior appointment from the Section Head or through email, between 12.15 pm to 2.00 pm on all working days.

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