Student Care & Support


All students, including those identified as experiencing special educational needs, i.e. students of determination, can learn and achieve in a safe, supportive, engaging and appropriately challenging common learning environment according to their unique abilities. Within such a setting, their personal, social and academic needs are fully met as per the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework.

We have a dedicated team of committed professionals who work tirelessly to remove barriers to ensure students with special educational needs and disabilities, and those identified as Gifted and Talented can have the same excellent and customized learning experience as their peers.


Career Counselling

We aim to provide holistic guidance to students to help them find their true potential by assisting them to plan out appropriate career profiles. We believe that successful transitions from youth to adult members of the society are life enhancing for every student and thus, we keep an early focus on career counselling for students to determine their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aptitude. Individual counselling sessions, career fairs and workshops are part of the career counselling process at TIAD, where students are encouraged to discuss their career and educational choices. Students learn about the diverse career options available and achieve a deeper perspective and a sense of career self-awareness.


Pastoral care

As a community, we recognise that pastoral wellbeing is the most important aspect of a pupil’s development and that for our pupils to thrive they need to feel safe, fulfilled and above all happy. Fostering the well-being of our pupils through a positive and proactive pastoral care system is at the very heart of our ethos. We combine a positive learning environment with realistic, yet challenging goals for students, that support not only their academic development, but also their personal and cognitive growth.