Enrolling Now, Admissions Open for Academic Year 2022-23 | The Indian Academy Dubai Consistently rated ‘GOOD’ by DSIB and ‘DEVELOPED’ rating by DSIB in Distance Learning Evaluation

Welcome message from the Principal


 Susan Rubin Varghese

“Your present circumstances do not determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start”

Nido Qubein

Our staff , students and families at The Indian Academy Dubai are increasingly leaving old paradigms behind in favour of what recent advances in cognitive science call learning that endures. Aspects of our programme include experiential learning, independent and group research, real-world problem solving , sustainability and global perspectives. These approaches nurture personal and academic wellbeing of all learners and distribute leadership across stakeholders by developing student agency in learning and inculcating professional growth among staff.

Albert Einstein stated: “Try not to become a person of success, be a person of value.” We are not merely encouraging students to strive for “qualifications”, high standardized test scores, or future incomes, but rather to follow their passions, and meaningfully and sustainably impact humanity.

As we reflect, we are constantly reminded of the unprecedented pace of change which reminds our students to be constantly equipped with the right mindset, skills, and disposition. We have already adapted to shed dead loads and make selective choices in creative learning environments, not just to survive but to thrive. This evolutionary shift has further enhanced digitalization, providing inspiration and encouragement to children, and enabling them to explore opportunities and solve problems independently. Sailing through these journeys are pathways of powerful learnings which are often driven by inquiry, passion, discipline, courage, and pivotally, a healthy dose of optimism.

Our learners are allowed to upskill their inquisitiveness and exploratory approach by consistently tinkering with the unknown, self-regulating, and self-reflecting, primarily through experiential learning. We envision to create an agile and resilient learning culture where we stimulate professional fulfillment among the adults, share and transfer best practices, promote innovation, capitalize on diversity and multicultural perspectives, and employ evidenced-based teaching and learning strategies proven to improve student outcomes.

We believe that learning is a natural act that is unchanging, meaning its experiences will be different for all our learners. Our wider pedagogical repertoire enables us to create insightful learning environments acknowledging the unique abilities of  our learners so that they are challenged, inspired, and guided to nurture their skills as they face the real world. We will continue to dedicate our effort into providing a world class education that revolves around collaboration and greater student engagement in every aspect of learning. We take every step to instill values of curiosity, intrinsic interest, perseverance, and risk-taking, creating a rich platform where character traits and leadership attributes are promoted amongst students and staff. We continue to focus on building teacher capacity to make the required improvements, engagement of students, and broader community support. We, as a ‘Rahal School’ aim to drive performance and build up accountability through improving the trust of our stakeholders and professional skills of our teachers, with an emphasis on “No child left behind”.

As the school’s senior leader, I truly believe that instilling confidence is key to educational success, alongside inspiring students to be the best versions of themselves. In the last KHDA inspection, we have been rated   ‘Good’ and above in 90% parameters. This helped elevate the school to an overall ‘Good’ rating and ‘Developed’ status during our KHDA Distance Learning Evaluation .

Parents, we applaud your involvement and contribution to our culture of expectations and enhancing the positive and ambitious climate of the school. Our collective engagement builds relational connections with teachers, classes, and the school, benefitting your child’s learning, growth, and development while centering student success in school endeavors. We remain thankful to our dear parents for your ongoing support .

We welcome parents who would like to partner with us to visit our campus anytime.

Once again, we extend a warm welcome to The Indian Academy: an inclusive school.